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People are different and make decisions differently.

The Decision Profile explores how, why and when we choose to make decisions. Difference is what drives our creativity, and it is decision making that lies at the heart of our ingenuity and influence.

The Decision Profile explores and defines our differences in life and work. Current neuro-scientific research supports the utility of the Decision Profile as a business and leadership tool, including how intuition and Intuitive Intelligence influence our choices. Decisions are more than the speed of our conclusions. How decisions are made and communicated informs our Individual, Group and Organisational performance.

The Decision Profile brings order and clarity to the exploration and presentation of the complexities of human decision making.

Decision Profile - Learn more about 8 Decision Profiles, what they measure, where they came from and explore the role of Intuition. Products & Services - Learn more about Individual Profile, Group Profile and Organisational Design. Case Studies and Testimonials - Discover a selection of case studies and testimonials showcasing some of the most prevalent ways of working with the instrument. Buy Now - Complete your Individual Decision Profile now.