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The Decision Profile was instrumental in helping my team move forward individually and collectively. When faced with new business challenges and wider organisational goals, my team simply HAD to step up in order to develop their commercial decision-making and grow their influence as business leaders. The Decision Profile provided us with crucial information about how we make our decisions both as individuals and as a leadership group. This allowed us to baseline our effectiveness as a decision making unit and then allowed me to work with my team and their Profiles to change our decision making culture, develop our attitudes to commercial risk and ensure that we achieved our objectives. The in-depth decision-making analysis and information that is provided by the Decision Profile allows individuals, teams and whole organisations to understand their effectiveness as decision makers and then make the appropriate changes to meet their goals. Read moreCommercial Director – Leading UK based Children’s Charity

Exploring how we make decisions at the individual level can be very insightful and enlightening. But exploring how we work collectively and collaboratively in a group context is extremely powerful.

The Group Decision Profile collates the individuals that are working together in a team and aggregates their Individual Decision Profiles to give ONE collective approach to decision making.

It also explains which profiles predominate within a team, which are missing from the group, and which individuals significantly affect the aggregated Group Profile.

Knowing HOW a group currently works together gives an indication of how they could further develop their internal communication, and how they could work to unlock their creative potential to achieve their objectives.

We can administer Group Decision Profile Assessments for your team.

We also deliver Group Decision Profile Feedback Workshops to explore both how your individuals and your team make decisions.

Group Coaching and Development Sessions delivered by our Consultant Psychologists and Coaches are also available.

The Decision Profile’s ability to focus on the financial and logical aspects of decision making, as well as creativity and risk taking, are essential components for group and organisational performance.

Group Decision Profile

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Group Decision Profile Feedback Workshop

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Group Coaching and Development Sessions

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