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The Role of Intuition

As unique individuals, we have our own differing ideas about what we mean by intuition. Intuition is commonly understood to be a sixth sense, an ability to read between the lines, or known as Intuitive Intelligence. However, what we all have in common is the opportunity to choose whether we use our intuition to inform our decisions.

Some individuals have the ability to consistently trust and incorporate their intuitive hunches into their decision making. Others are either less consistent or confident in this ability, or even feel that this might be a mistake.

The Decision Profile is unique as it not only assesses who possesses intuition but also who uses their Intuitive Intelligence to inform their decision making. Often in business, people feel driven to look for facts and figures to support the argument for taking a particular decision. Interestingly, current evidence form neuroscience suggests that we use all aspects of our brains to reach conclusions.

What about innovation, the original ideas? It is possible to have an insight or flash of inspiration to help us to create something new?

The Decision Profile looks at how we as individuals and groups use our intuition to help us respond quickly to unexpected situations or to think and innovate in ways other people or organisations cannot. Our Intuition Workshops will help individuals and groups to unlock their creative potential and harness their intuitive intelligence.