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Decision Profile

The information that the Decision Profile provides, and the questions it makes you ask yourself, can really help you to be much more aware and focused on how you make decisions, and reflect on how you’re living your life and running your career.VP Global Talent – Global Enterprise Organisation

The Decision Profile measures three elements - Risk, Luck and Decisiveness. An individual’s, group’s or whole organisation’s attitude to these three elements define the overall Decision Profile.

In addition, the role of intuition is also assessed. How we use our intuition and apply it is central to our creativity and performance, both in life and in work. There is NO other psychometric instrument available today that allows a unique and thorough assessment of this critical decision making concept.

The instrument consists of 104 statements, takes 25 minutes to complete and delivers immediate results. Within seconds a comprehensive, personalised report is constructed and delivered.

There are 8 Decision Profiles, each determined by a certain combination of the three elements; Risk, Luck and Decisiveness. No two reports are alike, and each individual receives results that are personal and unique to them.

The 8 Decision Profiles

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The Role of Intuition

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The Decision Profile Evolution

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