Organisational Design Consultancy Module

The Decision Profile’s Organisational Consultancy Module assist your organisation in understanding the ways in which your employees make decisions. With this information we can work with you in the following ways.

With the Decision Profile we provide invaluable information and support in assessing your wider talent pool, virtually ‘seeing’ what talent is missing, recruiting for and selecting the right talent, and planning for succession.

Our services allow you to model and outline change processes within teams. Our Organisational Design products allow us to virtually landscape change within organisations, and model changes to personnel and teams going forward.

When working with leaders during the process of Mergers and Acquisitions, we are able to provide rapid, virtual responses to questions of how best they can deploy talent, landscape change and merge different teams.

Our bespoke solutions offer the support and guidance required to meet the specific needs of organisations. NO other instrument and service available today supports organisations in quite such a flexible and impactful manner as the Decision Profile. Contact us today to find out more.

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