Global License

A Global Decision Profile License entitles your organisation to train an unlimited amount of employees to operate under one License.

This License allows all licensees to conduct Decision Profile assessments. It also allows multiple levels of access and visibility to decision profile assessment data collected under the Global License. The access levels are bespoke to your orgnisation specification. This allows a cost effective way in which the product and services can be applied globally throughout your organisation by an unlimited number of Licensees.

This License is typically operated by global organisations who wish to assess their employees, develop their talent and landscape change. The cost of this License is £8,000 + VAT and is renewable annually.

Please note that the number of licensees who can operate under the Global License is totally unlimited.

Obtaining a Global Decision Profile License entitles your organisation to a great many benefits, including:

PLEASE NOTE that if you are interested in purchasing s Global License for your organisation we would provide you with a bespoke Decision Profile Licensee Workshop(s) at your request at any location you wish.

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